Room Description

Features:   design and raw  loft character   steel double bed   brick walls   view over the roofs and towers of Krakow

After the intensive day in the city you can find shelter in a modest but stylish apartment on the last floor at 18 Jana Street. If you like soft colors similar to concrete, elegance and barren of modern design with dark wood, you will feel great here. Additionally you can drink on the balcony with a view to Cracow’s night sky. Choose a date and book it today!

27 meters of floorage includes: day zone with fully furnished kitchenette, table for four and comfortable sofa bed. Apart from that you can find a snug bedroom and small but functional bathroom.

You can relax in double bed equipped in mattress with separate sleep zone for each person and minimalist bed frame. In bedroom you can also find shades and drapes which give a feeling of intimacy.

There are also functional details like a big closet, hairdryer, heater in bathroom which is on all year, natural cosmetics or dishwashing liquid. Thanks to that you can focus on enjoyment.

Attention! Together with other apartment on the same floor you can get a comfortable space with 70 floorage for even 8 people.

Occupancy: 2+2 Size: 27sqm
Bed: double bed Extra bed: double sofa bed
Bedding: Yes (up to 4 sets) Towels: Yes (up to 4 sets)
Cosmetics: shampoo, shower gel Hair dryer: Yes
TV: Yes Internet: Yes (WiFi)
Kitchenette: Yes*

* The kitchenette: fridge, coffee maker, cooktop, pots, complete tableware for 4 people